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God Is Good, But Good Is Not God


God Is Good, But Good Is Not God

God is good. but good is not God.

God is good friends, just as the topic has truly said God is good. But really if we must ask ourselves, do we really think good is God or should be God? Since God is good shouldn’t we also be made to believe that good should also be God as well? But it is not so. God is good but good is not God and can never be God. This is because good can either be of positive or negative. But with God it is not so. Such Was The situation between Jesus and Mathew.
According to the book of Mathew 16: 21-23, it is said that ” from that day forth, Jesus began to shew unto his disciple, how that he must go into Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and the chief priest and the scribes, and be killed and be raised again the third day.” In verse 22 of the Bible verse said that ” Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying be it far from thee, lord: this shall not be unto thee.”

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But in verse 23, the Bible said Jesus turn and said unto Peter get thee behind me Satan: thou at an offense: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.”

To many of our reasoning as human, would rather be that Peter declaration was not unto bad intention but good. As we will begin to wonder why was Jesus rebuking peter for declaring that which is good. What we must understand is that everything that we think to be good, that is not the will of God is the devil will of destruction unto man, even though it be looking good, it will be unto good in disguise. So since Peter would not understand this, secret of the devil, decided to speak that which is good rather than God. That which is negative in positive disguise. the truth is  every one wants to live and should live to see that which we all Called good. But what we at must times do not understand is that not all good are actually good; some good are bad in disguise.

In this Bible verses just read, Peter when he heard the master declaring to go and suffer and die, in Jerusalem. Peter; haven’t heard this, decide to rebuke the master that he will not die. But live to reign. According to Peter, this was the will of God for Jesus; The good. To live and to reign on earth. And if possible reign with him. Just as many of us at everyday declare to ourselves and our children that which we would rather want to see happen in their life, rather than what God wants for them and their family. As such many would even go the extra length to convincing their family or themselves, that, that which they desire to see is the same as the will of God for their life. But we must be rest assured that anything outside God will, is totality disaster waiting to happen.

From that verse read, Peter made such demand of Jesus because he did not understand the foundation of the walk of God with man on earth. He did not understand the prophesy according to the prophets, Of the need for a saviour to come and must die for his people so that they can have life and life in abundance. That which was his quest. Even while he would seek it in the wrong direction.
Mostly at times, this same lack of understanding has also resulted to many-a-preacher who would preach a message when they do not understand the foundation and the bases of God’s journey with mankind, which will end up preaching that which is good unto the people thinking to have preach the mind of God. Such message at most time always live the people on the mercy of the devil. Or on a pathway to destruction.

In that same book of Mathew 16, Peter began to fight against that single will of God in the life of Jesus unknowingly. Like many of us will do and has done and are still doing, in Fighting the sole will of God for our life indirectly.
The most surprising is that, how when we have set up every fight against the will of God for our life, we will still go out in our public gathering still raising our hand requesting that God’s will that we have denied to rule in our life be done.  Most time, I will say to myself ‘if only we truly understand what the will of God in our life is, many will put their hands down because deep within them, they know truly how they have stand against the same will of God in their life.’ For many, they can actually see how they have fight against the will of God in their life and are not even yet ready to do the will of God in their life.
So in that book of Mathew, peter rebuke Jesus because he did not actually know the will of God for the matter and never would seek to know. So he would rather that Jesus live than die on the cross. So he would rather that Jesus remain on earth and reign with what he has thought to be good over God and live on earth.

What Peter didn’t understand is that; the much of the life that he so much desire to live and to gain and to reign with, lies in the dying and resurrecting power of our Savior lord Jesus on the cross.
Peter did understand that the much of the lives that is needed to be save in the world, lies in the dying power of the resurrection of his master. So he began to seek the good of the matter over the God in the matter, thinking all that is good is God. He never understand that there are some good that is bad in disguise. That the same is with the one that was in his mind.
Just imagine if Jesus had actually heeded to Peter seek of good for the matter. Can we all imagine what would have been of the world today? Can we all imagine what would have been of us all today? Can we all imagine what would have been of the same Peter desiring from the devil perspective good of the matter? It would have all become a hopeless state. Jesus wouldn’t have be able to save a single soul from the hand of the wicked one anymore.

This is the reason we all must be careful for that which we desire, that we all call good. If we must be sincere with ourselves, those things we are desiring,  are they truly good as to say God? Are they the will of God for us all? Because anything outside Gods will for us is total destruction.
So today I adjourn everyone to speak God and to live God. For that is the life for us all.
Have a blessed day. In Jesus name.

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